Real Estate Presentation Casa Romã

Villa OverviewThis marvellous villa is located at one of the southwestern parts of Europe, in the Algarve close to Sagres, after which there is ocean until the US. From its terrace you can have a truly panormaic  view over the south and west coast. Its owners have a deep connection to this maritime aspects and traditions, which in this place of the world goes back five hundred years to the age of the discoverers. And it is only a short ride by car to the next village and its dream beaches.
Therefore, when the owners contacted me to produce a promotion video for the villa, it was clear that this had not only to show that the villa is part of a 18 hole golf course! It had to show the context, the wild landscapes, the proximity to the ocean. At the same time, a „walkthrough“ would present the pool and lots of rooms, but not the quality of the materials, floor tiles and furniture.
Tiles of qualitySitting with me on the mentioned terrace, the owners told me about the things important for them, what they love about the villa. And we decided to shoot a video that would transport the feeling of living there, the views, textures, impressions. And this meant for me the full toolbox, from drone-shots to show how the villa is situated in the landscape to camera movements floating over the floor to show the sensual texture of the the tiles.
Inspired by the vast spaces, the sky and the sea, we decided to supplement the video with a VR-production to give the site visitor the opportunity to move from the golf-course to the terrace and lots of the rooms of  Casa Romã.

So, have a look. This could be how your property could be presented, too.And if you are interested in the villa, contact 🙂

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