Pod- and Videocasts

Already forgotten!

For what are employees in companies actually trained, if they have just forgotten up to 80% of the content after four weeks , as studies prove? And besides, what exactly are you supposed to provide to the people? It is always knowledge on stockpiles and in their everyday work environment they may need something else. Where does this will come from?
Sustainable qualification is already a challenge in itself!  

It would be best to be able to accompany employees when they apply knowledge at work. And  give them “updates” at the same time, when there is something new. But how is that supposed to work? You can not send your employees constantly to a training. When would they work then?

Too hard for me

In private life people are already learning differently today. If you want to learn how to make great baguettes, check out the matching YouTube videos. A large proportion of pupils learn, for example, Math on YouTube channels and no longer in the classroom. People are mobile, want to learn things exactly when they need them, and in comfortable little bites, please. In short video clips, that is! This is not only attractive, but also effective, it enjoys high acceptance and is very flexible.
As a member of “Das Abenteuer Leben”, I was one of the first Podcasters and videocasters in Germany and quickly recognized the potential for training in companies. With the help of videos, employees learn “in the moment of need”, in small, focused learning units. Videos can be quickly updated, enriched with success stories and experiences of others.
You could call it Real-time learning.

Videocasting in Companies

In various projects I have proved the effectivness of these videos. With a large volume car brand my partners and I provided for example a mobile learning system, in which we trained over 4000 salespeople each week with podcasts.
For over ten years, I have built up the experience for fast, targeted video production for training, communication and information in companies, along with the knowledge of social intranets / learning management systems and how videos can be integrated into them. VReedom produces “real shots” as well as animation film, since 2016 also Virtual Reality.

Do you want training in your company to be as effective and attractive as YouTube? Then let us start! With a product video, with sales techniques, with an entertaining introduction to a process, many is possible!

“This sounds interesting! Let´s talk about producing Videocasts.”

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