Explainer Video

I don´t get it!

The sentence seems familiar. After all how often do we propose something new to think about, a new process, a new product, a new project … but nobody understands it. Even if there is such potential in it!
And others  by no means don`t get it because it is really complicated or a stupid idea. How do you get it into other peoples brain? There are possibilities …
I am originally from the computer world, there innovations often represent breakthroughs, but only a few people are familiar with them from the start. The companies itselves are much too deep into the subject to understand that you can not understand that.
In addition, in the computer world  you cannot perceive anything directly from the world-moving things: At first glance, there are only people sitting on keyboards and typing.
Not sweeping … This is not the way to be understood.

Short and painless

How then? The solution is often in videos. Short videos that convey exactly the core of what you need to know. Only a few minutes long, entertaining, memorable, a style known as Explainer video or Animated video.
The simple and  entertaining, however, is quite challenging to produce. For such projects, I seek to understand together with my customers in much detail, what exactly is special about the new offer, the idea, the product. Using a briefing procedure with sophisticated questioning techniques, I find out what really matters, what needs to arrive at the viewer. This then is “distilled”, like for an orange essence. In the research phase, the conceptualizing and the writing of the script, I am working with a mix of design thinking and copywriting. Produced then is live action footage, animated film, 3D animation or a suitable mixture of both. If it fits, also Virtual Reality. The cooperation then results in the distribution of the video, especially on the Internet and in social networks, as well as the inclusion in online campaigns.

Cars, Computers … and You?

I have produced such videos for IT companies that want to convey new products and approaches as well as for automotive brands, but also for consultants who want to promote themselves. A selection of it here on the site or on my Vimeo channel.
As you see, for many people such Explainer videos can be a way to the customer. For start-ups that want to present ideas, as well as for medium-sized or larger companies, which have something to show.
If you feel addressed and do not want to hear the sentence “I don´t get it” any longer, let us take a first explainer video!


“I want my Explainer Video!”

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