Infomercial „Self Motivation“ for Reinhold Stritzelberger

Video Selbstmotivation

reinhold01Reinhold Stritzelberger is one of the most famous and successful trainers and coaches for self-motivation in Germany. And open to audiovisual media, as his early involvement as a podcaster and his television appearances show. That’s why, at a joint meeting in podcaster circles, the idea was born to increase his own promotion by video marketing and to start with an infomercial.

rs_traumThis could be tackled with a „classic“ self-presentation video, in which the main person is shown with real footage in various situations of his working life. Smiling with customers, coming in and out of buildings etc. We know that of corporate executives, sales people and models. This can be the right approach in the right situation and can lead to fascinating videos.

rs_radWe chose a different way, a straight infomercial, pure animation video, in which Reinhold acts as a comic character, with rocky music and tuned with typical „cinematic“ effects. Reinhold, with his own voice, accompanies a typical executive on his way to get a motivated team. He describes what he would discuss with such a manager in an initial discussion. The balance was to „teach“ some methods without revealing too much. This is what the interested viewer gets only directly from Reinhold, from his podcast or through his books.

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