About me

Stephan Magnus - German in the Algarve

I am a producer of digital media, with German roots, but have been living in the Portuguese Algarve for more than a decade. My customers are mainly from German speaking countries and from the UK.
In addition to the enthusiasm for films, photography and music, I have been fond of computers since I first had one in front of me. With the first 3D programs I played in the early 80s (about the same time, at which I made my first film shots on the beach of Venice). And I wrote Virtual Reality programs in the 90s. The “Cineastic” is therefore just as much my field as the digital world.
My life so far shows  steps ranging from sales of global computer networks, e-learning, podcasting, social media to media production. As one of the first German podcasters at “Das Abenteuer Leben” and at the first major social business projects with companies like Opel and SEAT, I produced hundreds of videos and audio podcasts. By that I learned focused conceptualizing, texting, producing and distributing of digital media.

My company

I am now using this in my own Portuguese production company with a global pool of talents for infomercials and real estate video. Since I come from the computer world, I am familiar with complex things.  Because I live in a villa myself, I know the challenges for real estate owners.
My videos and VR worlds should be stylish and beautiful, but at the same time clearly structured, pragmatic and suitable for online marketing.
I am fascinated by the wild  Algarve hinterland as well as the perspectives of the future, space and science fiction. This is certainly noticeable in my productions.
I am a member of the  International Virtual Reality Photography Association.
Why is my brand called VReedom? I deeply believe that digitalization is refreshingly expanding our possibilities. Therefore, tools like VR expand our freedom and our lives potential.
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